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Free Essays on Colin Powell

My American Journey, Colin Powell It is hard to be recognized as an extraordinary pioneer or even to stand apart as anybody in current society. As time cruises by, some random individual is left to decide their own â€Å"luck†, while the regular factor consistently remains that endurance is intended for the fittest as indicated by the Marksism theory of life. Colin Powel represents the genuine intensity of assurance, difficult work, discipline or more all, mental fortitude to accomplish the unfathomable. He took his disaster and utilized it as a ladder to defeat all afflictions. Life was not as simple as he would of envisioned it to be, yet he had the option to separate himself consistently. As a little youngster, Colin Powell ,a thin child who’s guardians relocated from Jamaica in endeavors to manufacture a superior life, had not many materialistic things while growing up. The glad child of migrants, Powell saw the every day battle of how pitiless life really was and how effectively anybody could get lost inside their own conditions. He never truly experienced prejudice or in any event, when he did, he gave it next to zero consideration for the most part because of his childhood. Notwithstanding where he originated from or the value his family needed to pay, he was more than resolved to accomplish the American dream (more so his folks than him). Like a huge number of Americans in current society, he had no ability to know east from west to where he needed his life to take him. He just delighted in the â€Å"ride† and sought after the best. Life appeared to float by erratically wandering towards the obscure. Later on he arrived at a goal undreamed yet unfat homable for a dark man, none the less the child of a worker. The Bronx, a spot which holds some profound, dull insider facts was the asylum where Powell learned his very own considerable lot individual qualities. It was a spot which incomprehensibly anybody would anticipate that somebody of incredible achievement should ascend from. The lanes brimming with youngsters which later on would turn out to be a piece of a measurement, kids forgott... Free Essays on Colin Powell Free Essays on Colin Powell My American Journey, Colin Powell It is hard to be recognized as an incredible pioneer or even to stand apart as anybody in current society. As time cruises by, some random individual is left to decide their own â€Å"luck†, while the basic factor consistently remains that endurance is intended for the fittest as indicated by the Marksism theory of life. Colin Powel represents the genuine intensity of assurance, difficult work, discipline or more all, mental fortitude to accomplish the unfathomable. He took his hardship and utilized it as a ladder to conquer all misfortunes. Life was not as simple as he would of envisioned it to be, yet he had the option to separate himself consistently. As a little youngster, Colin Powell ,a thin child who’s guardians moved from Jamaica in endeavors to construct a superior life, had not many materialistic things while growing up. The pleased child of migrants, Powell saw the day by day battle of how coldblooded life really was and how effectively anybody could get lost inside their own conditions. He never truly experienced bigotry or in any event, when he did, he gave it practically zero consideration for the most part because of his childhood. Despite where he originated from or the value his family needed to pay, he was more than resolved to accomplish the American dream (more so his folks than him). Like a great many Americans in current society, he had no ability to know east from west to where he needed his life to take him. He just delighted in the â€Å"ride† and sought after the best. Life appeared to float by capriciously meandering towards the obscure. Later on he arrived at a goal undreamed yet inconceivabl e for a dark man, none the less the child of a migrant. The Bronx, a spot which holds some profound, dull mysteries was the haven wherein Powell learned his very own large number individual qualities. It was a spot which incomprehensibly anybody would anticipate that somebody of extraordinary achievement should ascend from. The boulevards loaded with kids which later on would turn out to be a piece of a measurement, kids forgott...

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The man we call Benjamin Franklin Free Essays

The point of this paper is to look into the sites on Ben Franklin’s life story and his collection of memoirs. While dispersing the life of Benjamin Franklin through his personal history, one finds out much about the man. Anyway while dispersing data found in the three sites beneath, another man gradually crawls out from behind the man previously uncovered. We will compose a custom paper test on The man we call Benjamin Franklin or on the other hand any comparative theme just for you Request Now Which one is the genuine Benjamin Franklin? While watching the cornucopia of a man one discovers that just by the way toward looking into will one have the option to fix a strong face on the man we call Benjamin Franklin. All the sites tended to in this paper share regular topic yet are diverse as far as systematic methodology and primary core interest. The account by Edmund S. Morgan calls upon the peruser to reexamine conventional presumptions about Benjamin Franklin and move away from normalized prosaisms. While he is most popular as the creator of the Declaration of Independence, the Treaty of Peace with Great Britain, and the Constitution, these weren’t his primary accomplishments; besides, the records (except for the Declaration of Independence) didn’t mirror his perspectives and convictions. Notwithstanding, this shouldn’t lead to the decision that Franklin was a not really significant figure in the American history. As opposed to that, the creator proposes that Franklin ought to be acclaimed for other accomplishment and attributes of character: ‘His was likely the most splendid brain that the vast majority who realized him had ever met, yet he only here and there demonstrated it in public†¦[H]is psyche would be discreetly grinding away, attempting to comprehend the world and the individuals he found in it, considering approaches to make their lives easier’ (Morgan, 2005, para. 4). Edmund S. Morgan accepts that one of the significant commitments of Benjamin Franklin was through his works. Likewise, more consideration ought to be paid to Franklin’s job as a supporter for American interests in England. As a rule, the life story attempts to introduce a gentler side of Franklin’s character: ‘It might be well from the outset to disperse the picture of him as an overweight researcher peering from his work area over the bifocal glasses he invented’ (Morgan, 2005, para. 8). PBS site likewise attempts to uncover Ben Franklin’s character to the perusers. The site centers around various characters Franklin had †both as an open figure and character. The site praises Franklin as Abolitionist, Almanac producer, Advertiser, Balloon aficionado, Bifocals innovator, Composer, Cartoonist, Civic Citizen, Chess Player, Deist, Diplomat, Daylight Savings advocate, Enlightenment mastermind, Electricity pioneer, Experimenter, Entrepreneur, Founding Father, Flirt, Fire contender, Glass Armonica designer, Gulf Stream mapper, Genius, Humorist, Health nut, Inventor, International VIP, Insurer, Junto designer, Journalist, Kite flyer, Librarian, Lightning pole creator, Londoner, Medical Engineer, Militia part, Mathematician, Mason, Natural scholar, Organizer (local army, fire dept. , road cleaning), Odometer creator, Printer, Public relations ace, Publisher, Prankster, Questioner, Quartermaster, Quintessential American, Revolutionary, Reader, Scientist, Swimmer, Self-made man, Traveler, Treaty underwriter, University manufacturer, Volunteer, Visionary, Vegetarian (briefly), Writer, Weight lifter, Xenophile, Young wonder, Yankee, Yarn spinner, and Zealot. Maybe the most intriguing out of every one of these sobriquets is ‘Quintessential American. ’ The site attempts to portray Franklin as a regular agent of the American country and an image of every one of its ideals and accomplishments, for example, Self-instruction, Physical Activity, and Moral Perfection. Simultaneously, the site recognizes that Benjamin Franklin was no standard man, since he had remarkable characteristics and abilities. It is recommended that Ben Franklin characterized the idea of ‘good citizenship’ through his contribution in and duty to network on the nearby level and the country on the worldwide level: ‘Ben Franklin accepted that individuals chipping in together in a feeling of participation could achieve incredible things. Driven by a solid feeling of urban obligation, he included himself in his locale and his nation’ (PBS, 2002, ‘Citizen Ben,’ para. 1). The site presents Franklin’s account in an intuitive and connecting path without trading off exactness and objectivity. The main restriction of this asset is that the data isn't all around organized and a long way from introducing a far reaching picture. The third site present the most, as I would see it, reliable and useful adaptation of Franklin’s memoir. It is organized by the significant times of Franklin’s life, I. e. ‘Humble Beginnings: Franklin in Boston,’ ‘A True Journeyman: Franklin in Philadelphia,’ ‘A Promise Unfulfilled: Franklin in London,’ ‘Sprouting Roots: Back in Philadelphia,’ ‘A Busy Retirement,’ and ‘The American Patriot: Franklin and Independence. ’ Each area of the account presents all the fundamental data without really expounding. Another convincing component of this memoir is that it is went with inexhaustible graphical guide. However it would be a mix-up to state that ThinkQuest presents a dry and academic memoir of Benjamin Franklin; it offers human touch through small engaging insights concerning this incredible man: ‘Inspired by his namesake uncle Benjamin, youthful Ben formed chronicled ditties (one was about the privateer Blackbeard) that were printed by his sibling James in his youngster print shop. The sonnets sold well’ (ThinkQuest, 1998, ‘Interesting Facts’). So as to decide how valid a specific snippet of data is, it is important to investigate the wellspring of this data regarding authenticity and conceivable predisposition. Edmund S. Morgan is a settled student of history work in early pilgrim history of America: ‘Edmund Morgan has composed many books on Puritan and early pilgrim history, which are acclaimed for both their insightful concentration and their intrigue to a general audience†¦ Morgan, who joined the Yale personnel in 1955 and resigned in 1986, has gotten many†¦honors during his long showing vocation at Yale†¦Currently the seat of the leading group of The Benjamin Franklin Papersâ€the University’s monstrous undertaking distributing materials identified with the Founding Father and inventorâ€Morgan is presently grinding away on an investigation of Franklin, who, he accepts, is one of the most fascinating individuals who ever lived’ (Gonzalez, 2001). Notwithstanding, inordinate appreciation with Benjamin Franklin may come as a disservice to unbiasedness and objectivity †the two fundamental qualities of any true to life composing. PBS site has minimal inclination of this sort, notwithstanding, it is regularly muddled where the data they are utilizing originates from. There are no references or affirmations; no connections to any works of Franklin or believable recorded proof is available. While Edmund S. Morgan broadly alludes to Franklin’s own works, PBS site presents an improved and pared-down rendition of Franklin life story. ThinkQuest is the main site that refers to its references in a proper manner. The writers of the account recognize that they put together their composition with respect to such distributions as Benjamin Franklin via Carl Van Doren, The Man Who Dared the Lightning-A New Look at Benjamin Franklin by Thomas Fleming, The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, Ben Franklin Laughing by P. M. Zall, Benjamin Franklin: Founding Father and Inventor by Leila Merrell Foster, and various different books and media assets. ThinkQuest is likewise a fascinating data asset since it gives a sound general diagram of the verifiable conditions existing in America in Franklin’s times. The site offers meaning of various recorded wonders that are significant for the general story, for example, King George I, French and Indian War (1754-1763), and other. All the life stories present a specific image of pilgrim America: through the existence profession of Benjamin Franklin, it is conceivable to comprehend tense relations among Europe and America, warmed discussion around the issue of servitude, and the ascent of American character and common awareness. Be that as it may, the most tenable wellspring of data on Franklin’s life and times is his self-portrayal. This life account is of incredible significance to the advanced peruser, and not just for the explanation that it gives a knowledge into the life of Benjamin Franklin. In his life account, Franklin shares his considerations with regards to the association of state and society, job of the residents, position of America on the world’s stage and different issues of incredible intrigue and significance in any event, for the cutting edge peruser. For instance, he communicates worries over the conflict among religion and common thought of citizenship, as he remembers that English were attempting to plant certain strict thoughts in America: ‘[S]ince not a solitary good guideline was instilled or enforc’d, their point appearing to be preferably to make us Presbyterians over productive members of society (Franklin, 2003, p. 66). ‘As for extra and sorts of sources, that would give more prominent trust in your getting Franklin, it is important to specify Franklin’s works in any case. As Edmund S. Morgan (2005, para. 5) effectively calls attention to, ‘[i]n the amazing majority of his papers, likeness 47 fat volumes of print, all accessible on this site, we can see Franklin entirety. ’ Additional understanding can be picked up from surveying assets committed to the American provincial history: more noteworthy und

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How to Write Essays Well

How to Write Essays WellIt is essential to remember that the best way to produce a well-written essay is to be guided by a clear and effective writing system. Many students find it challenging to write essays due to the scarcity of adequate resources and adequate time, especially if they are studying for or are preparing for an exam. Some people do not like to work hard, and just want to breeze through exams without doing any academic work at all.Writing exercises may help you. Most online writing courses provide ample writing practice to help you work on the structure and logic of your essay. These online courses usually have plenty of practice essays that you can use as references and practice the techniques of writing an essay. However, these writing exercises cannot be used as effective practice as they do not follow a clear writing style and format.You will find that this writing method does not always work well with sample essays. The sample essays and the writing system that y ou study from are usually guidelines that you should adopt when writing an essay, but they are not helpful in teaching you how to compose your own essays.As much as possible, it is always preferable to stick to your own writing style as much as possible. Moreover, try to practice your essay from a number of different sources and other sample essays to ensure that your writing style is consistent with the style of the original essay. A good method of writing a well-written essay is to refer to examples from classic authors, and to use the same words, word structure, syntax, and vocabulary. Make sure that you keep the style of the essay consistent with the style of the source material.There are also some simple ways to make your essay better. When writing a strong essay, avoid using too many technical terms in your essay and be careful to use appropriate, plain, and concise terms. Instead of relying on scientific terms, and instead of using unnecessarily complicated and long words, be more precise and less cumbersome in your essay.Remember that in making your own essay, make it not only well-written but also coherent and efficient. Your essay will be a good source of reference to others who may be looking for a professional reference guide to help them with their own academic work. This would give them some idea of what kind of things you had tried to achieve when making a similar essay.You can always rely on the best resources for you to prepare a well-written and effective essay. Writing is an art and you should know how to create a well-written essay by following these writing tips.

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Advertisement Towards Young Girls - 1434 Words

Joanna Salazar English 107 Ms. Cole 7 November 2012 Final Draft Advertisements towards young Girls Advertising means to call the publics attention to ones product, service, need, etc. But what we see isnt what we get or how we will feel. The purpose to advertise is to sell, the more you advertise the more you will sell. Many companies have ways into luring us into buying a product that is unnecessary. Jib Fowles describes the fifteen appeals in which advertisements use, which are Need for sex, Need for affiliation, Need for guidance, Need to aggress, Need to achieve, Need to dominate, Need for prominence, Need for attention, Need for autonomy, Need to escape, Need to feel safe, Need for aesthetic sensation, Need to satisfy†¦show more content†¦Is it truly correct for young girls to be applying makeup at such a young age? Dr. McCarthy showed some of Thylane`s pictures to her ten year old and according to her daughter Natasha she said, â€Å"That’s horrible mommy,† because Thylane was dressed like a grown-up. After wards her mom showed her some pictures in the internet and asked her what she liked she pointed to short skirts, tight fitting shirts, spaghetti-strap tops, and low-riding slim jeans. Children are supposed to be children? Cry, think of their favorite cartoon, cereal, toy, etc. and not think of how they should look and what they should wear at such a young age. Both of these advertisements show the Need for attention, Need for aesthetic sensation, and Physiological Needs. The need for attention-They are showing two young girls using their makeup brand which in this case is lip gloss. The companies are trying to reach our younger generation and they truly are accomplishing their goals without us even noticing. Have you ever noticed the famous Barbie or the Bratz doll? If you go and purchase one, what do you see? I see a Bratz doll wearing short skirts and fishnet stockings with bright red lip gloss and a small body. Then I see a Barbie doll, which is slender, curvaceous, and lacking of any fla ws (Breezy). Unfortunately the companies are sneaking ideas into young girls minds without us or the parents even knowing it, making them think that looking like aShow MoreRelatedAdvertisement from Debuting Directors at the Young Directors Award695 Words   |  3 PagesThe Young Director’s Award is an award that supports and promotes debuting international talent in film production. These advertisements are from the debuting directors, who are nominated for the award. These advertisements primarily focus on the talent and creativity of young directors by portraying young girls that would make up stories and create drama This â€Å"Born To Create Drama† advertisement for Young Director starts off with a girl on the swing. Her father is swinging her, and heRead MoreYoung Girls Encounter Puberty1147 Words   |  5 PagesYoung Girls Encounter Puberty Today, young girls are growing up in a broken, judgmental world. Somewhere around ten years old is when most girls start puberty, and only a few more years after that is when she will start her menstrual cycle. Girl’s bodies change rapidly at these times causing their hormones to fluctuate. This results in, mood changes, self-confidence issues, and even a negative body image. At only fifteen years old, some girls are struggling with their self-esteem. UnfortunatelyRead MoreThe Candie s Foundation Advertisement1727 Words   |  7 PagesCandie’s Foundation advertisement found in the Seventeen magazine. The advertisement is directed to the teenage audience, and its message is to avoid teenage pregnancy. The Candie’s Foundations is a non-profit organization that prevents teenage pregnancy by providing information and making campaigns. The advertisement will be examined by the use of logos, pathos, and ethos. These three different appeals will help to describe and u nderstand each part placed in the advertisement. This document willRead MoreThe Effect Of Media On Young Girls And Their Self Esteem1590 Words   |  7 PagesThe influence media has on young girls and their self-esteem The media and advertisements are meant to influence our everyday lives in society. Young girls are being exposed today more than ever to the over sexualized images of women within the media, advertisements and in pop culture. Young girls are seeing these types of images everyday either in magazines, television shows, movies or fashion. The research questions I propose to explore: â€Å"Are the images that young girls are exposed to within theRead MoreThe Representation Of The Female Body954 Words   |  4 Pagespopular advertisement is typically shown to be vulgar, it is known as their identity to look at a certain image for the male population to draw their attention. In the early 1900s, women did not have to be half naked to get attention from the media. They could have got attention by being fully clothed. In the 2000s time has changed and the advertisements have changed. The media portrays the women to be this way, is this really their identity? Socially this is unacceptable for women and young teensRead MoreViolence in Advertising: Are They Selling Rape and Violence Against Women?1622 Words   |  7 PagesAdvertising is one of the most popular ways to promote a product. Through advertisement the creators of these products can make millions of dollars, depending on how successful their advertisements are. But are the advertisement selling a product that will help them or are they selling violence and sex? Many ads can influence people in different ways. One of these ways is to show women as objects of rape and sexual abuse. In, â€Å"Two Ways a Woman Can Get Hurt† Kilbourne talks about how many ads useRead MoreBrainwashing Youth : How Advertising Influences Children On Gender Images1496 Words   |  6 PagesGender Images For advertising companies, the topic of advertising to children is one that is very controversial and could lead to a lot of debate on whether it is even ethical to do so. None the less advertisements continue to be aired and targeted towards a particularly vulnerable group: children. At a young age it is a critical time for children. They are not only developing their mental and physical capabilities, but they are also developing their outlook on themselves and their own gender self-identityRead MoreThe Negative Effects Of Advertisements On Children1278 Words   |  6 PagesEffects of Advertisements Advertisers seek viewers who will buy products based on the consumers’ need and desire to become perfect. Advertisers know how to push the right button to make people feel insecure and imperfect. They use this insecurity to make a profit. But what happens when a person is pushed too hard? Both genders and all nationalities are affected by advertisements. The negative effects of advertisements include low self-esteem, eating disorders, and depression. Advertisements have beenRead MoreEssay on Sexualization in The Media1082 Words   |  5 Pagesand leaves the public no answer but to look to the advertisements they have produced. Consider the pistachio industry using a woman with a whip to grasp the viewers’ attention. In reality, is a provocative image what it takes to sell us a simple bag of pistachios? With advertising decisions like these come negative consequences such as the common practice of objectifying and degrading women, along with influences on the cognitive growth of young girls. The use of overly suggestive women in advertisingRead MoreCommercial Advertising : A Primary Attribute Of American Culture Essay956 Words   |  4 Pagestwo political commercial advertisements. It’s very common for commercial advertisements during presidential elections to examine social issues. In this year s election, Hillary Clinton’s strategy was to quote Donald Trump to portray him as a sexist candidate. Hillary Clinton is a worldwide inspirational women who has helped galvanize a global movement for women s right and opportunities. Moreover, I chose to analyze Hillary Clinton’s â€Å"Mirror† commercial advertisement because it emits a tremendous

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Cell Phones Pro Vs. Con - 1025 Words

Cell Phones: Pro vs. Con Cell phones have come a long way since April 3, 1973 when the first phone was invented. The first call in history was made that day by Motorola employee Martin Cooper, as he stood next to a 900 MHz base station in New York City and phoned to the headquarters of Bell Labs in New Jersey (The Cellphone Turns 40: Remembering Martin Cooper’s Historic Call). Since that day, cell phones have evolved to become what is now a all-in-one master piece. A current cell phone removes the need for various gadgets and replaces it with the click of just one button. Cell phones were first created to be strong, durable and not for long distance calling. Now, ordinary cellphones have evolved to the point where they are called smart phones. Although this incredible invention has changed our lives, it remains in debate of whether it was for the good or bad. The usage of cell phones is becoming tremendously fashionable in today’s innovative world. With the iPhone selling over $10 million worth of product in the first 3 days of its release, it is no question that cell phone popularity in today’s society is extremely crucial because these technologically advanced devices can record and capture videos, pictures, and even connect to the Internet for easy web surfing (First Weekend iPhone Sales Top 10 Million). For instance, the easy access of internet usage can help an individual when seeking to obtain an answer to challenging questions. Also, cell phones can help a child orShow MoreRelatedPersonal and Mobile Computing Essay1454 Words   |  6 Pagesonline news cite by using his/her mobile device to read or find out different information. Furthermore, mobile computing will be discussed along with the different types of computing devices ; such as laptops , smart phones ,tablets , I pads , and E Book Readers. Likewise, the pros and cons will be deliberated as well, along with the history, and lastly why is technology currently playing a huge role in diverse people daily lifestyles? To sum it a mobile computer is efficiently any computing device thatRead MoreUnit 1 Lab 1 Physical Networking1074 Words   |  5 Pageson Fixed Line vs. Cellular Debate June 16, 2014 Debate the Pros and Cons to having a purely cellular network vs. having a purely fixed line network Pro s: Cost: Most wireline phone companies charge more than what you d pay for most alternatives, and some are taxed more as well. There are some locations where getting new wired phoneservice is prohibitively expensive or even impossible. Long Distance and extra features like Call Waiting are normally included with alternative phones. †¢ Portability:Read MoreTouch Screen Technology1494 Words   |  6 Pagescapacitive touch. As shown in Figure 1, a resistive touch screen is made up of several layers, the surface consists two electrically conductive layers separated by a narrow gap. When an object presses on the screen, it completes the circuit, telling the phone which part of the screen is being pressed. Figure 1 Resistive touch screen ELEC001 Project Report | Touch Screen Technology Group 30 Illustrated in Figure 2, capacitive touch screens consists a layer of insulator such as glass coated with a transparentRead MoreUnit 1. Activity 1. Data on Fixed Line vs. Cellular Debate Essays1234 Words   |  5 PagesPros Cons of Fixed vs. Cellular: Pros: Cost: Most wireline phone companies charge more than what youd pay for most alternatives, and some are taxed more as well. There are some locations where getting new wired phone service is prohibitively expensive or even impossible. Long Distance and extra features like Call Waiting are normally included with alternative phones. More Features: Cellular and broadband phones normally include Long Distance, Voice Mail, Caller ID, Call Forwarding andRead MoreThe Current Status of 3g and the Future of 4g Essay1237 Words   |  5 Pages3G is still in use world-wide and will probably remain so for a few more years. 4G is still relatively new and has somewhat limited coverage, but it is only going to expand and get better. Brief History of 3G 3G is the third generation of cell phone mobile communications standards and successor of the older 2G standards. 3G networks were a substantial improvement over 2G networks, offering previously unseen data transfer speeds. Although 3G has only been in the United States since 2002, itRead MoreData on Fixed Lines vs Cellular Essay examples1191 Words   |  5 PagesIn this paper I will go over the pros and cons of having a purely fixed line network vs. a purely cellular network. When making this decision there are several things to consider, the most important is what this network is going to be used for. I am going to first go over the fixed line network then follow up with the cellular network. At the end of this paper I will do a recommendation to a new company that wants to open up a Skype- style service as to whether they should use a fixed line or aRead MoreOur Distracted Culture : What Was It?1643 Words   |  7 Pagesinto depth on how our culture is addicted to devices, spe cifically cell phones, that correlates with social media and how it affects relationships and everyday life. He claims, The harsh truth is we Americans have become taking a toll on everything from nurturing our authentic relationships to simply paying attention to what matters during our brief lifetimes† (5H). In other words, these distractions, mainly cell phones, withdrawal us from life and lead us to fail to communicate withRead More100 Essay Topics1545 Words   |  7 Pagesprostitution 43. Write an editorial to your mayor complaining about problems in your town or city 44. What the individual can do to help protect the environment Consumerism 45. The effects of fast food on your health 46. Cell phones, television, computers†¦luxuries or necessities 47. Should phone surveys and telemarketing be prohibited 48. Are brand name clothes worth the price (Abercrombie, Ralph Lauren, Nike) 49. Advantages and disadvantages of credit cards Current events 50. The im portance of the ozoneRead MoreImpact of Social Media on Relationships Essay1050 Words   |  5 Pagesfamily’s favorite Christmas tradition. Of course, the sender of the friend request is not at fault, because society struggles with â€Å"what is private vs. what is public†. The research done suggests that by looking to the natural views of how the social penetration theory society has evolved that two things result; (1) we have different concepts of public vs. private information and (2) there is a much more expedient process for developing relationships than is suggested by the social penetration theoryRead MorePeer Pressure2910 Words   |  12 Pagesand trade with Cuba: should it be allowed? †¢ The 51st state in the US should be Washington D.C. †¢ Are there aliens? †¢ Bottled water: more harmful than good. †¢ Single sex education system is better than a co-ed system. †¢ Mobile phones in school - should we ban them? †¢ Reading - is it the new style trend? †¢ Does detention actually serve a purpose? †¢ Are vampires real? †¢ Junk food should be banned from public schools. †¢ Thanks to social networking, there is no

Nursing Care of Infants and Children-Free-Samples for Students

Question: Discuss about the Inter-Personal Relationship between the Baby and the Nurse. Answer: Introduction Babies are the best gifts in this world and being a mom is the best possible experience that a woman faces in her life time. The emotions surrounding the baby are amazing and are a thing that needs to be cherished. Description This case study focuses on a new mom sharing her experience on being a new mom. The case study focuses Elise and Violet, where violet had been diagnosed with hypothyroidism. Since Violet is just a week old. The care that she requires has to be extremely patient specific and the baby should be dealt with extreme care. Feelings There are certain codes of nursing that has to be maintained by the nurses to provide an appropriate care to the patient. Violet was just a week old and hence should be handled with extreme care (Hockenberry Wilson, 2014). As a nurse I believe that how we deal with babies is important. As per the Ericksons theory of psychosocial development, the trust and mistrust is the first stage of the psychosocial development of a child (Cherry, 2012). As a nurse I will be able to win the trust of the baby. Analysis A child should be able to comprehend that the care giver should address their basic needs. If these needs are not addressed then anxiety may develop out of mistrust, which can have a long term effect on the baby (Cherry, 2012). It is necessary for the care givers to set up a non threatening environment for the child such that a sense of trust develops in the baby regarding the care givers. It can be seen from the transcript that the nurses cuddled the baby and entertained her with toys. The transcript provides with the idea that the nurses took extreme care while prescribing the doses of medicines for the baby, as choice of a wrong doses can bring about adverse effects in the child (Hockenberry Wilson, 2014). Values Throughout the treatment regimen of violet, the nurses were involved enthusiastically starting form blood tests to everything. As a nurse I could provide a holistic care of treatment to the child (Hockenberry Wilson, 2014). Before starting the treatment we need to collect blood from the baby. As a nurse I could understand that it is necessary to distract the attention of the baby. It becomes very difficult for a mother to see blood being extracted from her baby, or her baby crying out in pain (Carter, 2013). Therefore as a nurse I suggested that it is better to feed the baby at the time of extracting blood from the child, so that most of the babys attention goes in having the food. Conclusions drawn The reflective writing gives an idea about how nurse should provide holistic care to a baby. The paper focuses on the fact that a mere cuddling can have a positive impact on a baby and can have a long term development of trust on the care givers (Szcze?niak et al., 2012). Maintenance of e records can have some positive impacts as it helps the heath care professionals and the nurses to evaluate the care that they have provided and helps to prepare the future action plans for the treatment. Action plan Plan- to provide appropriate medication to the baby, pain management while applying medications, to give a holistic care to the baby to ensure the development of trust in the baby . Strategy- Doses should be checked and rechecked with the physician to ensure correct doses. It is necessary to distract the baby while injecting medicines or extracting blood samples. Distraction can be caused by interacting with the baby by interacting with the baby or enhancing the mother to feed her baby (Hockenberry Wilson, 2014). Conclusion Mastering the art of caring for children is one of the foremost duties of the nurses. The article focuses on the inter-personal relationship between the baby and the nurse which will ultimately help in the development of trust, which help the baby to adjust to the care received. References Carter, B. (2013).Child and infant pain: principles of nursing care and management. Springer. Cherry, K. (2012). Erikson's theory of psychosocial development psychosocial development in infancy and early childhood.The New York Times Company. https://psychology. about. com/od/psychosocialtheories/a/psychosocial. htm [26 May 2012].[Links]. Hockenberry, M. J., Wilson, D. (2014).Wong's Nursing Care of Infants and Children-E-Book. Elsevier Health Sciences. Szcze?niak, M., Colao, M., Rondn, G. (2012). Development of interpersonal trust among children and adolescents.Polish Psychological Bulletin,43(1), 50-58.

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Tales Of Marketing Essays - Marketing, Societal Marketing

Tales Of Marketing MARKETING CHAPTER 1 Field Of Marketing INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY -New marketing based on info technology. EX. Royal Bank -Royal spent $15 million on data base technology to serve customers more uniquely. -Increased response rate from 4% to 60%. NATURE AND SCOPE OF MARKETING EXCHANGE AS THE FOCUS -Marketing occurs any time 1 social unit (person or organization) exchanges something of value with another social unit. -Marketing consists of activities designed to generate & facilitate exchanges intended to satisfy human needs or wants Exchange-is one of 3 ways in which a person can satisfy a want. EX. Clothes make, borrow, use some form of coercion to get them or offer something of value to another who will voluntarily exchange -Only last approach they call exchange in the sense that marketing is taking place. Following must exist for marketing exchange to take place. -2 or more social units must be involved & each must have wants to be satisfied. If you are self sufficient there is no need for exchange. -Parties must be involved voluntarily (Although argued monopolies deter this.) -Each party must have something of value to contribute & each must believe that it will benefit -Parties must communicate even if done through 3rd party. Without communication, no trade. Marketers-take initiative in trying to stimulate & facilitate exchanges. -They develop marketing plans & programs & implement them to create exchange that can be repeated over time. Market-on other side of exchange, made up of social units to whom marketing programs are directed & who will play a key role in acceptance or rejection of marketers offer. Markets made of customers Customers-Any person or group with whom an individual or organizational marketer has an existing or potential exchange relationship. People who constitute a market play a number of roles. A. Decision maker, individual or organizational unit that has the authority to commit to an exchange B. Consumer, who actually uses or consumes the product. C. Purchaser, The party who actually carries out the exchange D. Influencers, who affect decisions of others because of their expertise, position, or power. Worth Baseball, new safer ball, but clashes with tradition Needs-viewed in strict physiological sense (food, clothing, shelter) everything else is a want. Product-the objective of the exchange or what is being marketed generically as the product. -It can be a tangible, physical product, a service, an idea, a person, or a place. tangible, physical product-corn flakes a service-accounting advise an idea-advertising slogan person-individual applying for a marketing position A place-provincial gov't trying to attract tourism is an example of marketing a place as the product. THE CONCEPT OF RELATIONSHIP IN EXCHANGE Relationship-can develop when 2 people or organizations are voluntarily involved in an exchange situation, are communicating with each other, & are contributing something of value to the exchange & thereby mutually satisfy needs or wants. -relationships are of more long-term nature & involve many exchanges & interactions over a # of years. -longer relationship lasts, more likely it will be of special value to those taking part in it. Better you understand each other, the better the needs are satisfied. APPLICATIONS OF MARKETING Books definition of marketing: Marketing is a total system of business activity designed to plan, price, promote & distribute want-satisfying products, services, & ideas to target markets in order to achieve the objectives of both the consumer & the organization. Marketing is A total system designed to: for business activities plan, price, promote & distribute Something of value: want-satisfying products, services, & ideas in the context of a valuable relationship. For the benefit of: the target mkt. - Present & potential household consumers or business users. To achieve the: satisfaction of the needs & objectives of both the consumers & the firm Definition has implications when marketing is properly applied: -It's a systems definition, meaning it should be understood & applied by all in firm. -Entire system of business or organizational activities must be customer orientated & focus on quality of the customer relationship- customers needs & wants must be recognized & satisfied effectively. -Marketing program starts with an idea for a product or service & doesn't end until the customer's are completely satisfied, which may be some time after the exchange. wants-Marketing program, generally termed the marketing mix, usually consists of 4 coordinated elements: A. a product or service assortment B. a pricing structure C. distributions systems & channels D. promotional activities -Marketing mix doesn't guarantee customer satisfaction. EVOLUTION OF MARKETING -Foundations in Canada were laid by French & English settlers in pioneer times -Developed marketing relationships also with various Native groups. -Since then marketing has evolved